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*ES – Lector de Manga online / offline, gratuito y de código abierto. *EN – Manga reader online / offline, free and open source. *FR – Lecteur de manga en ligne / hors ligne, gratuit et open source. *DE – Eine App um Manga zu lesen. Man kann damit Manga online und offline lesen. Es ist kostenlos und quelloffen. *IT – Manga lettore online / offline, gratuito e open source. *RU – В России Манга читает вас. Попробуйте MiMangaNu прямо сейчас.

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Hollow is a java library and toolset for disseminating in-memory datasets from a single producer to many consumers for high performance read-only access.

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Rosie is an Android framework to create applications following the principles of Clean Architecture.

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A simple app to test the touch of your device. It measures and shows how accurate is the touch of your device, how many touches it supports, and there are some options to personalize the exhibition.